Friday, 17 August 2018

WILD BOY (bronze level work)

Hi as you probably know my name is Lilly. This week we have been looking at the wild boy and his amazing story of his childhood and how he changed his life and what to do to get back on track in. First thing I had to do was do a 3 level guide here is a link and photo. 

And the other one i had to do  was a vocabulary task I did mine with Wyatt here is a link and a photo of it.

and that was my blog for this week I Hope you have a good of the day thank you Lilly. 

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  1. Hey Lilly it's Emily here and I am in M1 at Grey Main School!
    I really like this post because you told us all about your fun week!
    It seemed really fun.
    This reminded me of read and feed.
    What was your favourite part?
    Maybe next time you could do a bit of better punctuation.
    Best of luck,Emily.


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